The 90’th Minute | #5

In the finals weeks of my internship, it really became clear the impact the experience had on me personally, as well as my career plans. I really enjoyed working for GT and traveling out to Minneapolis from Chicago to work on client sites. Living in Chicago for the summer was something I really enjoyed, but also found difficulties with. In the end though, this was something I would definitely be interested in doing again.

The conclusion of my internship was really a great way to tie it all together. My last few days on the job, I completed a deliverable for the client, which left me with something tangible to say “I completed, start to finish.” This was a great feeling, and even though I contributed throughout the project in many ways, this deliverable was a great way to cap it off. On my last night in Minneapolis, my team went over to a soccer match between Chelsea and AC Milan, another really cool experience, and something that really showed how close of a team we had.

As far as my career plans go, this summer was really an opportunity to see the world of consulting and financial management. While it wasn’t exactly a conventional experience, it was engaging and rewarding. I think living the life of a consultant and traveling frequently would certainly take a toll on you, but I could see myself really enjoying that path in my professional career.

I am incredibly fortunate to have had such a practical and fun experience with Grant Thornton this summer, and I look forward to taking on an extended role with the company next summer. Thank you so much LSA intern scholarship program for helping make my fantastic summer possible!!



Blog Post #4 Topic 5: Favorite Experience

One of my favorite experiences this summer as an intern was the opportunity to march in San Francisco’s Pride Parade. One of the main values of my department within Google was to always “Bring your whole self to work,” and this event truly allowed me to experience how my coworkers valued the differences in each other.

With the Orlando shootings very recent in our minds, walking in the parade felt like a paramount responsibility. Security was heightened and due to that some organizations in the parade amicably dropped out as they felt more unsafe from the increased level of police officers. During the march, I felt the unity of an entire city and the love, smiles, and dances of all those around me have eternally left a mark in my heart of the power of acceptance and joy.

This experience opened my eyes to what it means to really be an ally to those around me, to openly support those who may not experience the same walks of life as me. It also showed me that it’s a privilege to not understand what it means to be able to “bring your whole self to work,” and I want to address these types of issues as I move into my future roles and end up managing others.

First Week | Blog # 1

This summer I worked as an Investment Banking Summer Analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets in Private Loan Management. I was interning at their headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. PLM is a group that issues debt to companies that need money to finance things such as an acquisition, opening of new stores, or even to refinance their existing debt. I specifically worked with companies in the consumer industry such as gaming, retail stores, and food & beverage companies.

Coming into the internship, I was very concerned that I did not know enough about the world of banking. The first three days of he internship were training. We covered PowerPoint, Excel and some compliance training.

In Cleveland, I lived in the downtown area, so there was a lot of cool things to do and see. My favorite thing to do was trying out all of the new restaurants. My favorite food place was Barrio, which was a Mexican restaurant with AMAZING tacos and queso.

Goodbyes and Barbecue | #5

I was fortunate that my last day of work coincided with a company barbecue. Towards the end of my internship I was moved to a Chem Lab, and I was able to work with some fun and knowledgeable people. At the barbecue I met up with the Chemical distribution side of DTE and became more familiar with my colleagues. I got some very helpful advice on how to manage my finances from one of the chemists, a project manager shared some hilarious stories about Mexico, and the head of the department commended me on my excellent performance over the summer.

The People at the company really made me feel welcome and valued. I can honestly say that this experience has taught me lessons that will be paramount in my future. I have new aspirations and goals, and now I have some great letters of recommendation on the way. This has really been a fortuitous summer.

My Last Day #5

My last day had finally came! My mentor decided to help me finish cleaning the storage room with all the heavy boxes. I was happy that I had somebody to help me with the heavyDSC_1098 DSC_1099boxes! After that my mentor asked me to go with her to CVS to get drinks for the company’s meeting lunch and pizza was ordered! So, I went with her to get drinks and even had pizza.

The internship was a great start and ending. There is a lot more to learn for me and it has taught me many things in life. Now the summer is coming to an end and it is time to pack my bags


Post #5: Summer in Ann Arbor

When I accepted an internship in metro Detroit I was very excited about the chance to live in Ann Arbor for the summer. Many of my friends have had the opportunity to stay here during the summer time and have raved about the summer experience in A2. Overall, I couldn’t have had a better summer. It was phenomenal to have the ability to do things that are impossible to do during the school year because of the weather. Like hiking, floating down the Huron River, or even enjoying a meal outside on main street. It was great to enjoy the unique, delicious restaurants in the Ann Arbor area. I became very fond of Indian cuisine. I was also able to discover another fun activity, hiking. My girlfriend and I loved to hike in the Arb and other local parks. The practice came in handy for our trip to South Africa in mid-August where we were able to climb some of the many small mountains in the area. I wouldn’t trade in my summer in Ann Arbor for anything and as I enter my last semester at the University of Michigan, I will appreciate all the memories I have in this city.

Potential Cooperation | Blog 4

Written on August 10th:

Last week one of my coworkers approached me with a very interesting opportunity that caused me to realize exactly how important these international experiences are in a global world. He proposed a potential collaboration with him at the Climate Protection and Energy Institute in Germany and the University of Michigan. I feel anything along these lines is very interesting and productive so naturally I agreed to meet with him to discuss it further in depth and work on his behalf as a Michigan student. Over ice cream, he told me more of what he had in mind and that he was looking to work with a master student to further research on the subject of energy performance contracting in Europe. Cooperations between him and a professor and master students at the University of Illinois already exist and he was hoping to be able to do something similar with the University of Michigan.

This is a very exciting prospect and I will be working to contact the necessary individuals here at the UM Energy Institute in an attempt to foster a relationship between both organizations. Although the work is still focused on energy contracting in Europe, it is unquestionably valuable for graduate students here in the United States to learn from the processes that are finding success and expanding in helping Europe to reshape their energy systems.

First Experience in the Field | Blog 3

After about six weeks on the job, I was able to go into the field with my boss to see how our work was implemented. We traveled to a living and working community for people with disabilities in a small town outside of Stuttgart named Schorndorf. We met with two people in the community administration to lay out the complete case for energy performance contracting and how it can be used in their community. They had plans to demolish three old buildings and build two new ones which will serve all of the same purposes. With energy performance contracting, they will be able to implement efficient energy systems to meet all the needs of the community while spending hundreds of thousands fewer Euros over time. The retrofit will be able to receive funding from European Union programs intended to see the meeting of energy goals. By taking on a contracting project, the community is able to have an ESCO take on the risk associated with the energy savings guarantees as well as the maintenance of the systems as well as obviously their installation.

We also toured the community after the sit down meeting to see the different buildings and the water heating systems that were already in place. There were two well known restaurants in the main square of the area which account for about 10% of the total energy demand, including one restaurant which is completely pitch black inside and designed to give diners a unique gastronomic experience. Up the hill beyond the center lie the different residential buildings and buildings housing the water heating systems. We looked at all of those buildings in order to get a sense of the total scope of the project and which measures are best suited for the community and how best to implement them.

Final Thoughts | Blog 5

As my internship at Jackson National Life comes to a close this week, I find myself balancing time between reflection and steadfast future planning. I’ve recapped many of the positive experiences I’ve encountered within my former blogs- I have had a terrific internship and have learned so much yet again. However, as I enter my senior year, I feel more pressure to plan for my future than ever before. Over the next couple months I will continue to work at Jackson part-time as an assumptions modelling assistant while going to school. I am very excited about the opportunity to stick around and learn more as an actuary even after the internship is finished. Moreover, Jackson will be interviewing for full-time actuarial positions in September! I’m 100% interested in Jackson as a company and I have really enjoyed the time I’ve spent here, but I would be naive not to apply elsewhere. There are hundreds of companies all over the country that are looking to hire entry-level actuaries and I have already begun the career search. In fact, I have a phone interview this coming week with a company in Arizona! I am convinced that with hard work I will find success wherever my career search leads me. But until then, I’ll continue to learn from others, do great work, and seek to improve myself every single day.

Post #4: Reflecting on my Summer Internship

I have been done with my internship for a few weeks now and I have spent quite some time reflecting on the lessons I have learned. Overall, I think I have found out that I want to work in the automotive industry. My family has deep ties in this business. If I receive a full-time offer in the automotive sector, then I will be the third generation of my family to start their career in the this field. Continuing this legacy is very important to me. I also learned that people are the most essential commodity to conducting business. You can get caught up in the numbers and hitting your targets all you want; however, you must always remember the team around you that is helping to make that goal a reality.

My summer project was mostly completed using Microsoft Excel. Sadly, I had forgotten most of my formal Excel education from high school so everything was new to me. When I found out I was tasked with creating a macro for my project I became even more nervous. My coding experience consisted of what I had learned from watching Silicon Valley and The Social Network. However, over the course of three months I was able to teach myself how to use VBA code language in Excel and I completed my project on time. It was amazing to see the power of an Excel macro and how they can be used for many tasks. I also felt a sense of accomplishment through teaching myself how to use VBA over the course of a few months.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at my internship and I have developed skills that will benefit my professional career.