It has been almost a year since my last blog and I am thrilled to say that I am back at Mediavest | Spark for another eventful and inspiring summer. Instead of working in the Human Resources department this year, I have decided to broaden my horizons and join the local activation team. This is a team that works in the media buying field, dealing closely with sales representatives and clients on a daily basis. Our job is to do extensive research on where we best believe certain clients and/or products should air their advertisements, and then to negotiate with the sales reps based on the agreed budget. It has been so incredible to learn this side of the business, and I feel as though I have gained so much knowledgable information in just these past two weeks.

My favorite part about my internship this year is how I got here. During my down time last summer, I would email other interns, or entry level employees, to see if they would allow me to shadow them. This would in turn, allow me to gain a better understanding of their day-to-day’s across several different departments. As i partook in exploring other aspects of the company, I fell in love with what the local team had to offer. They worked hard at finding the best placements and pricing for their clients, through the extensive relationships they have developed and strengthened over the years. I took a job in Human Resources last year with the desire to work with people and develop strong relationships, that is not what I got in return. Although I make great connections with my team, HR is not the department where you are tending to ongoing personal relationships in order to succeed – local activation is. Keeping these relationships with both clients, sales reps, as well as other colleagues in the office, is crucial to your success in this business – and that is exactly what I was looking for in a job.

I am a people person. I love to talk and listen to individuals, and having a job that requires me to do so on a daily basis, will give me a leg up in whatever it is I have to do. Both buying and sales are departments I can see myself forming a life long career in, due to the fact that I am truly excited to get up and go to work every morning. I know it is only early on in my experience here, but I can say almost certainly that I feel it is only going to get better in the coming weeks. The most important thing I have learned from last summer to now, is that these internships we are all fortunate enough to experience, are what we make of them. If I did not take it upon myself to visit and learn about other departments, I would not be in the position I am today. Take risks, take chances, and most importantly, challenge yourself…you never know where it may take you.



New York City is a place of opportunity, liveliness, and fun. Although I have lived 40 minutes away from the city my whole life, this past summer has shown me NY from a completely different perspective. It has taught me that every person you meet or have a passing conversation with, can open an immense amount of doors for you. In addition to the incredibly networking opportunities, I have discovered that the city truly has something new to offer on every corner. My friends and I made it a point to try and go to a new restaurant or do a new activity every week in order to make the most out of our summer there. We went to restaurants uptown, in midtown, as well as downtown to get a real feel for the different areas that New York has to offer. In doing this, I have found that I would love to live in the downtown, Chelsea Area when I graduate from college. It is so peaceful and beautiful and I would most certainly love to return and begin my life there in two years. This internship has exceeded my expectations and has taught me so much about the beloved city that has been in my backyard all these year. Thank you Mediavest | Spark and most importantly, thank you NYC. As this ‘New York City Story’ comes to a close, I grow more and more excited to find where I will wind up next summer, who I will meet, and what else I will learn.

Until then NY…


Being the Human Recourses Intern at a huge advertising agency, such as Mediavest | Spark, has opened countless doors and opportunities for me. Not only have I gained experience that has prepared me for all of my future endeavors, but I have made connections and relationships that will last a lifetime.

In terms of what this internship has done to better my near future, career, or personal plans – the list is endless. If I were to pick one specific instance, it would be the meeting I had with my supervisor, the Head of Human Recourses, on my last day. We sat down together and talked about my experience and what I had learned / gained over the past 11 weeks. To end the conversation, she began to tell me that she would be more than happy to help me find another internship next summer.

These summer internships are about experience. I was so intrigued by how willing people were, even strangers, to help gain the information you are looking for. Throughout the  summer I would reach out to people in different departments in order to shadow them and get a feel for what their day-to-days were like. I didn’t once, get a ‘no’.

Creating these relationships and connections this summer, will without a doubt, help me to achieve my goals and aspirations of both the near and far future.


Google, Facebook, Spotify, LinkedIn, Pandora, AOL, Microsoft, Twitter, Snapchat…..

These are only a select few of the clients we are fortunate enough to do business with within our company. Whether it is buying, planning, or creating new content for each of these big name vendors, we are working every day to make sure their campaigns are better than their competitors. As interns, we have been fortunate enough to visit some of these offices in order to hear just how Meadiavest | Spark plays a part in their success. In terms of favorite experiences within my internship thus far, building connections at these exciting places has most certainly been at the top. Whether it was…

Taking office tours at google…




Learning about the future of Spotify…












Writing on Facebook’s ‘wall’…


Learing about Twitters words to live by…


Or seeing Pandora’s studio where artists come and preform…









…I have learned and experienced things I would have never done otherwise, giving me a more well rounded understanding of the advertising world.


As a Long Island native, it has always been my dream to experience what it is like to work in a city as vibrant and dynamic as New York City, and this summer I have finally gotten the chance. Thanks to Mediavest, one of the world’s leading advertising agencies, my wish has finally come true. I was chosen to be the only intern in the Human Resources Department, and after my first week there, I can safely say it has been nothing short of amazing. The people, the environment, the bright lights, the sounds, the fast pace….I love it all.


Mediavest has partnerships with several big name companies ( Heineken, Sprint, Citi, and Wendy’s ) in which they work to create new and innovative advertising campaigns. Having been asked to start a week prior than my fellow interns, I have been working to help the HR department prepare for the interns’ arrival this coming Monday. The pace has been hectic from the very first day and I have loved it every minute of it. I feel like I am really helping out, adding value and doing work that is beneficial for the department. The HR department is a very small one, and I am fortunate enough to be able to sit directly with the team, which, due to the logistics involved, will not be the case with all of the interns. It is comforting going into work every morning and seeing friendly faces who I have begun to form relationships with. Everyone is so kind, eager to help me learn and willing to make this a realistic and fun experience for me.

I think what I have been most surprised with thus far is how much I am treated like a ‘real employee’. Although I am most certainly an intern, just as the other 40 starting this Monday, I feel as though I am getting a realistic hands-on experience, with defined areas of responsibility, an opportunity to share ideas, and an expectation that I make a contribution every single day. Due to the fact that I am the only intern in my department, and I am seated amongst every other member of the team, I am able to see just exactly how it is to work in the fast-moving HR Department of a huge NYC company. The success, the problems, the deadlines, the innovative ideas, the stress, and the relief…I get to experience it all.

Like any intern, I will only get out what I put into this experience, and this gives me the motivation to push myself, step out of my comfort zone and to challenge myself to work harder with each passing day. So far, this dream come true has exceeded all expectations. I am filled with excitement to see what the rest of this summer holds and to see what else the incredible city of New York has in store for me…