Finding a big enough venue for Believe. Achieve. Succeed was a very difficult obstacle that we had to hurdle. After many rooms failed to work out, we were able to get the Chemistry building booked! Here are some pictures of us doing a walk through!


Trials and Tribulations|Blog #1

As my internship is coming to an end, I have been reflecting on the experience as a whole. One thing that comes to mind is the constant trouble I had at finding a location to hold my event. I had many locations in mind and all of them seemed to fall through. The Law school couldn’t hold our capacity. Rackham graduate school was booked for the day I was planning the event. As the list of possible places began to dwindle, conversations of changing the date began. It seemed as if everything depended on the location, we needed to tell alumni and students a set date and time so that caused some delay. I learned a valuable lesson, nothing goes as planned and I have to be able to adapt to any situation. 


Believe. Achieve. Succeed.

Believe. Achieve. Succeed.

In alignment with our mission, PILOT is holding our 4th Annual Believe. Achieve. Succeed. program (B.A.S.) for the students of the Summer Bridge Program and M-Academy Programs in efforts to promote the academic and professional growth of the communities represented with these diverse programs at the University of Michigan.

A vital component of the program is initiating an environment that will allow for successful connections to be established between incoming students and wide network of alumni involved. Additionally, the intention will be to heighten attention on the necessity of professional development at initial academic stages, especially a population with large representation of first generation and historically underrepresented members.  Funding and additional resource pipelines will be created and fortified to ideally allow for the future productions of similarly themed programs

Through the planning process of this project, there will be critical feedback from both alumni and OAMI that will empower the program coordinator to become optimally effective in delivering similar projects to campus.  Along those lines, a learning outcome for the organizer will be to develop and enhance skill sets in the areas of event organization, networking with diverse constituents (students, staff, alumni, and, potentially, faculty), funding development, and student engagement.  Each skillset will contribute to a broadening of leadership development and in increasing our own campus engagement.

In order to reach these objectives, OAMI will play a key role by having weekly meetings targeting to improve the organizer’s skills in planning and advising strategic ways of implementing the project. B.A.S. will build character through the execution and reflection surrounding the project and building broader comprehension in the nuances towards successful programming.

This event will showcase to the students that actively seeking resources, internships, and advice early on in their undergraduate careers will prove beneficial in the long-run. B.A.S. will:

1.) Expose students to an array of careers by providing alumni resources in their field of interest

2.) Create several networking opportunities throughout the program to ensure students have access to alumni after the program.

3.) Encourage students to be active in extracurricular activities and be proactive about planning their future