Prose Media – Blog Post #2

My mentorship experience thus far at Prose Media has been with the CEO of the start-up, Justin Belmont, and a digital marketing specialist and colleague, John Hyslop. Although there is no formality of the mentor program, the advice and feedback both of these individuals give is rewarding on my opinion. A specific example of this occurred this past week where I did not fully satisfy the assignment to help redesign their website and I had a voice call with John to talk through what I did well, what could be improved, etc. Aside from giving simple feedback on my work, I appreciated the kind and personable conversation we had because when you think of feedback on an assignment, it usually involves some measure of aggression and potential hostility. I admire the informality of both Justin and John, they are not only friendly, but they make it seem as though I am working with college students with their laid back character. Regarding advice on pursuing a career in entrepreneurship, Justin and John both advocate starting your own business, although it is a risk, there is a rush of being able to do something that you can at the end of the day call your own, which is all that matters.


Prose Media – Blog Post #1

Working as a Marketing and Business Development Intern at Prose Media has been a fun experience thus far. I view this internship not as a fancy title to add to my resume/LinkedIn, or as a conversation icebreaker with a recruiter at a Fortune 500 company but as a learning opportunity that does not have to involve studying for/taking an exam. The CEO, Justin Belmont, who I work directly with has been not only a great mentor, but also someone awesome to talk to. As a remotely employed intern my impression prior to working for a start-up during the school year was that the CEO and all his employees would be “demanding and pushy” to meet deadlines as are with a good majority of start-ups, but that was not the case. All those impressions were wiped away during our phone conversations about Prose Media and the assignments that were given to me. Justin and his colleague, John Hyslop, who I worked with to redesign their website was not only informative, but friendly and receptive to my ideas. Although, I cannot speak to the dress code or office politics, the diversity of backgrounds uncanny and I look forward to the rest of the semester.