Bye California, Hello Ann Arbor! #5

As my internship came to an end I sat at my desk homesick and ready to leave California and never come back! Of course that’s a stretch because I’d love to go back just not at all in the month of September or October, maybe when Michigan weather starts to get really cold. If you would’ve told me when I boarded that plane for Los Angeles I would’ve learned more about myself than anything else this summer I wouldn’t believe you. Internships are about gaining experience in the professional world, how exactly will I learn the most about myself. As a 19 year old woman I thought I knew myself but moving to the other side of the country alone for a couple months taught me more about myself than the last couple years of my life.

I spent time in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Tahoe and The Bay Area. I made it a point to see different things and learn all that I could about the marketing field. I have gained so many connections with executives to human resource departments and other interns.  Working directly with the CEO of the company and working with a professional basketball team I gained knowledge about many different fields. I learned that I enjoy going to sleep early, working out became fun, I learned it was possible to cook breakfast lunch and dinner for myself daily and that I may not be the most disciplined young woman but when I put my mind to something nothing can stop me. I learned living in California is expensive and grocery bags AREN’T FREE. Most importantly I learned what I want to do in life is attainable and no matter what people say my dreams are not too big to become my reality. I enjoyed my internship and grew to love my field and received an offer to return next summer for a higher position. Getting my foot in the door was my goal but I may have found my own. Being the youngest person by 5 years in every professional setting this summer I realized that Michigan has put me in a position to be ahead of the game. I feel like I’m on track to do great things and this summer showed me that.

I can’t wait to see what this school year has in store for me and what next summer’s internship will show me! I couldn’t be more grateful to those who helped make this experience real for me. Bye California, Hello Ann Arbor!


500 Kids 300 Spots| #7

In the industry of Marketing and Consulting the smallest mistakes could turn into huge problems. I witnessed this first hand a couple times in the past few weeks but let me start with a story. A couple of us are sitting at lunch talking about stressful mistakes and situations in the workplace. One person was talking about an email chain she sent out to hundreds of people with all the wrong information. Another guy talks about when he was shipping a package to a client and accidentally ships the whole ring of keys to the office in that package. When it comes my turn to tell an embarrassing story from the workplace I couldn’t think of one and I began to wonder why I hadn’t made any mistakes. Mistakes are normal, everyone makes them but up to that point I couldn’t think of any mistakes I made during my internship that were worth talking about other than leaving my ID at home which was barely a blunder. Since I know everyone makes mistakes I didn’t think I would just glide through my internship without making one mistake but with one week left it’s looking like this just might happen.


Feeling left out of embarrassing story time should be a positive thing but even the smallest mistakes could cause huge issues. For Example, this week a client was having a youth camp that was open to the public. There were 300 spots available but my boss went on vacation and didn’t monitor the registration and over 500 kids signed up so unfortunately many of those kids could not attend the camp. Usually I would monitor the registration but this was so important to the company that my boss felt the need to monitor it. Once she made this mistake I felt as if it was my fault in some way, that maybe I could’ve monitored the signs up anyway but I was just following orders. This showed me that literally everyone makes mistakes and if I think I’m gonna be mistake free this last week I’m probably mistaken. Although that was a big mess up on behalf of this company and may cost the company the client in the future I learned everyone makes mistakes. From the CEO to the interns no one becomes too successful for mistakes.


Quality Over Quantity #8

When I think of obstacles I think of extremely challenging things that I feel I am not able to do because I don’t possess the skills to do so. This obstacle that I’m writing about is opposite of this idea. During my internship I spent time interning with a professional basketball team where was assisting their community team. While doing this I would help with donations and advertising for youth camps and also the execution of these camps. When I pictured my internship I thought of non-stop stressful tasks that would seem impossible but I would get them done some way some how. This was a little different, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough work. A lot of times I found myself sitting around with nothing to do and this made me feel invaluable, as if I wasn’t working hard enough and not making the most out of my short time there. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to hassle my bosses for more work because believe it or not it takes work to find work. For interns,there are things that we have to be taught and told and sometimes the boss doesn’t have time for that. I struggled with this for a long time and I’m still struggling with it to this day. How do I keep myself busy without poking into things I shouldn’t? I learned a couple things that helped me out a bit. First, there is always little work around the office to do but it won’t find you, you have to find it. I had to learn how to find work to do that wasn’t disruptive and that would require no assistance from any of my supervisors. Second, it’s okay to work on other things, if I have some things I need to take care of outside of work and I have no assignments I might as well take advantage of the time. Finally, just because I don’t feel like I’m being productive and I’m helping out doesn’t mean that’s the case. It meant more to my supervisors that I completed the tasks they gave me to my best ability than it did to just always be busy. In my time here I learned that my internship was about quality not quantity.

LA the city of Angels…and Traffic #9

My internship has taught me much about the city of Los Angeles. To begin, I always thought when I “made it” in life I was gonna move to LA and live here for the rest of my life. That has completely changed. LA is a fun place full of culture and different experiences, so many different types of food and people. I will emphasize that there are so many people, traveling a couple miles on any given highway is at least a 20 minute trip and I never knew that a place could have such heavy traffic at 9 pm, but that’s LA for you! The cost of living is pretty high and getting brunch at a popular restaurant requires 2 weeks notice. Living in Detroit my whole life that lifestyle is not exactly my cup of tea. Although I love LA and will hope and pray that I can return and live here for a couple of years. I could not live here my whole life, it is entirely too fast for a girl like me.

One thing I will say I absolutely love is the weather. There is never a time where I come outside and worry that it may be sunny in the morning and pouring rain by the afternoon. From my time in SoCal and NorCal I’ve learned California summers are great! Although it can get pretty hot once one gets used to the heat it’s smooth sailing from there.


My absolute favorite part about LA was the diversity in the “views” on one hand you have a busy city with people dressed in workout gear running around with their dogs seeming almost care free and just a few miles away there are mountains where you can see the city from a place of peace.image1 (1)

From up in the mountains the city can be seen but not hard. Maybe that’s how I’d like it. All in all I’ve learned much about LA and that’s such a cool opportunity.


Stop Desk Boredom 2016 #3


This is a picture of my desk. I originally began interning with the Victor Group LA where I was sent to participate in an internship program with the Sacramento Kings in their Community Impact department. My time with the Kings will not expand over my entire internship with the Victor Group but it will cover a good amount. I aspire to one day become a sports broadcaster so having the opportunity to work with a professional basketball team was one I jumped on. This post isn’t a summary of what I’m doing this summer, but it’s about what has surprised me about my internship so far. I have been surprised daily since I’ve started my internship, learning new things about myself, testing my limits, but most importantly learning what I don’t like. Many people put great emphasis on working in a field that you love, a field that you are passionate about. Well, I’m learning that at every job I’ve had there are things that I like and things that I don’t like. I learned that the picture above of my desk gives me chills. My desk is my least favorite place to be in all of Sacramento, that may be a slight exaggeration but you get my point. I am not a desk person. Sitting at a desk makes me restless and anxious and I quickly get bored. Seeing that I would sit at that desk for majority of my time here, 5 days out of 7 to be specific, I had to learn to love it or just learn to accept that I don’t love it.

This office is very laid back which helped me put my plan to stop desk boredom in motion.


Lunch Box Basketball hoop

Now, this is a picture of a makeshift basketball hoop that my coworkers built. When I begin to get anxious, I just take a couple shots at this, or take a walk around the office, maybe stop by and grab a complimentary drink from the break room. I have tried many different methods but I realized. I just don’t like working behind a desk. I love what I am doing with Community Impact, working in the field at basketball camps and interacting with kids and people, hearing people’s stories and seeing the people’s love for this city is an experience unmatched and because of that the desk is tolerable. I learned a lot about myself in this first couple weeks, but to sum it up I know that I will not look for a job at a desk post-grad.
Now I know this seems like a big blog full of complaints but it is far from that. When I think of internships I think of an opportunity to get professional experience. Along with experience one will learn valuable lessons about themselves. I knew I always had a passion for Community Impact but there was always a question in my head of what i may like more, Broadcast Journalism or Community Impact. Do I insist on being in front of a camera with a microphone doing interviews? Do I honestly feel the only time I’d like to spend at a desk is for editing or doing research? The answer to both of those questions is YES. I love reporting and I will work tirelessly to make my dreams become a reality but I’ve gotten just a little more comfortable putting my eggs in that basket, I now know I am doing that for a reason because reporting is something I love. Finding my passion is so important to me and among the many other fields my passion may be found I learned that it is not at this desk, and that’s okay.