Blog #1 Lets Get It Started!

I am having an eventful summer and it just began for me! At work I am having tons of fun. I work at The University of Michigan hospital and the cool thing is my research team has there own office!! My job consists of recruiting patients from the Emergency department and varies clinics within the hospital involving patients whose chief complaint is Dizziness as one of there top 3 reasons for being at the hospital. I work here Wednesdays- Fridays, on Tuesdays I work at Michigan house where I am able to recruit off the hospital site. I work along side two research coordinators and two other research assistants who are also students at the University of Michigan. I learn a lot about one on one patient interactions with this research job and I think it is really preparing me for my future career as a Doctor. This is only the beginning but I am very excited for what the future holds for me this summer!


Reflection #5

My internship was in Ann Arbor and even though I lived in Michigan my whole life Ann Arbor is different from Detroit. Based on my experience people that live in Ann Arbor are super friendly and maybe because our University is public it seems that everyone wants to party and have fun! During the semester the streets are packed and crowded with students who are trying to get to class on time, or work. It is most definitely more safe to walk the streets of Ann Arbor at night, with a group of friends of course. While Detroit is not really that crowded with college students, and you shouldn’t walk around at night. Both places has its pro’s and con’s but I do not mind staying in Ann Arbor for 3 more years. It is always something to do in Ann Arbor even in the summer when there isn’t even half the amount of students that are at the university in the fall. I do miss being in Detroit but I do appreciate Ann Arbor!

Favorite experience #4

My favorite experience as an intern besides working with patients is when my research team had a farewell lunch for a member of our team. It was sad but fun at the same time. It is not that often that our team meet with both Doctors on our study along with the other members. It was pretty cool because we went to a small Indian restaurant in Ann Arbor( one of the Doctors enjoys these dishes) where I was able to try something new. I never had this style of food and I was shocked that I actually enjoyed it because I am a picky eater. My team members helped me pick out the different dishes by describing the taste to me so I had some kind of idea what I was eating. During this lunch we were able to talk about many things outside of work which was pretty awesome. I found out cool things about my co-workers that I did not know before and this lunch helped to build a bond between us. I enjoyed this moment because it was an opportunity to connect with my team members with things outside of work. I was also happy that we had the opportunity to celebrate our former team member success with furthering her career with another research job! She is very intelligent, hardworking, and she was the person who interviewed me freshman year!

Work doesn’t have to be boring #3

My Internship was a job I received my freshman year of college through the UROP program( Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program) and it was extended to me as a internship for the summer. Prior to this summer I worked along side three other University of Michigan students and they were really cool and I enjoyed working with the Doctors on my team. However, during the summer I developed a really close relationship with a new employee. Before I was the only girl working on the study and now there is additional female who I can relate too! GIRL POWER! Even though I’m usually only at work for a small portion of her shift, I work morning shifts and she works evening shifts, we still are able to connect in those 2-3 hours! My co-worker Is older than me which is awesome because she gives good advice, and knows what I’m talking about most of the time. She is really sweet and she makes work even more fun because when I am not enjoying a conversation with a patient I know that her conversations would never let me down. We always talk about our weekends, share funny stories about work and outside of work, and she always have snacks. Which is awesome because food is the way to my heart! To me I think that coworkers are some of the people who can make work fun and I am glad she joined our team!

#2 Spread The Happiness

Working in research at University of Michigan Hospital is truly an honor. Not only do I get to be in the environment that I plan to spend  my whole adult career in but Im also able to impact a patient’s life in a positive way with my brief encounter with them. When I approach a patient room to ask them if they qualify and/or are interested in participating in our research study I take in consideration patient’s current situation and mindset. More than half of the patients I approach aren’t feeling their best so I try to always enter and leave on a upbeat note even if they aren’t interested in participating. I always try to crack a joke if the opportunity presents itself and leave the room saying ” I hope they get you feeling better soon! Have a nice day!” and it never fails because  they always smile even for that brief moment. Everyday I go to work I get more confirmation that I belong in the medical field. Even my interactions with other faculty members are great such as nurses, Doctors, PAs, Attendings, Residents, Janitors. Working in the emergency department does not make me feel out of place it makes me feel at home!

A week in the ED #1

What has surprised me the most about my internship is the rate at which we are recruiting patients! Before I started over the summer we were only at 200 patients and now we have enrolled over 500 patients in our study!  This is very exciting because by the end of the summer, at this rate we will probably enroll over 1,000 patients. Recruiting patients for my research internship can be difficult at times because we ask patents to take a survey, and be recorded when we perform a positional test inside of the emergency room, or clinics at the University of Michigan Hospital. This is difficult at times because people are not feeling their best in the emergency room and are there to get better. Patients in the clinics are there for appointments and sometimes come in 5/10 minutes before their appointments which does not really allow time for the survey. Given the circumstances that we have to recruit in we are doing a spectacular job and I enjoy working with my team and meeting new people every step of the way!

This is where it all begins.Here’s a shot of my personal Office! Where I am able to find all patients in the Emergency room and Clinics located with University of Michigan Hospital. And where I am able to recruit patients over the phone!