LSA Summer Vocation

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts: This blog showcases how liberal arts students at the University of Michigan apply their diverse interests and talents while engaging in a variety of internship experiences.

Feedback Encouraged:  Throughout the summer, please provide our authors with feedback on their experiences.  There will be awards given to students for outstanding blogging and photos, so highlighting impressive entries will aid our process.

Privacy: Each author should only disclose first name and last initial to maintain a level of anonymity. Please refrain from posting personal information like addresses and phone numbers.

IMPORTANT: This is an open blog.  The public can read, but can’t post unless invited by our department.  Feel free to give the link to your parents and friends.

Content Disclaimer: Content posted on this site may be used to promote the LSA Internship Program and the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

Blog Moderators:

  • Kelly Day Program Assistant, LSA Internship Program
  • Ben Anderson – Employer Development and Outreach Manager, LSA Internship Program

Summer Vocation Topics:

  • Topic 1 – Describe opportunities and challenges that you foresee your internship presenting.
  • Topic 2 – Share 5 photos that capture a day in your shoes as an intern.
  • Topic 3 – What has most surprised you about your internship?
  • Topic 4 – Have you found a great mentor?  If so, what makes him/her great?  Have you developed relationships with work peers or supervisors?  What type of programs/initiatives does your company host to foster staff relationships?
  • Topic 5 – Describe your favorite experience as an intern this summer.
  • Topic 6 – Share a picture that defines your internship and provide a short description of the image.
  • Topic 7 – Share a story, thought, etc. from your internship.
  • Topic 8 – Describe an obstacle that you overcame during your internship.
  • Topic 9 – What have you learned about the city in which you are working?  Would you like to return?
  • Topic 10 – How has your internship influenced your (near) future (school, career, or personal plans)?
  • Final Topic – When you finish your internship, take a moment to reflect on the impact of the experience.