Impact | Blog Post #5

I’ve been asked by many people during the first couple weeks back in Ann Arbor about my experience this summer and I feel I should take a moment to put into words the impact that this summer has had on me. Overall, my internship at the Library of Congress was unbelievable. I truly enjoyed every moment I spent on the clock this summer and the lessons learned will serve me well in the future. I can confidently say that I developed my research skills to their full capacity at this point in my academic career. My projects opened my eyes up to how much content is available in the world of academia that I didn’t even know existed. Universities and government bodies spend tons of money on building databases and retrieving materials for research that students our age never utilize. We are quick to just google answers and if we do not come up with an immediate result, we just move on and find something that’s easier to access. My internship taught me that spending the time to use databases for research other than Google can enhance your work tremendously. Aside from the educational skills my experience taught me, I feel that I learned how to function in a classic office setting. We had everything from conference room meetings to water cooler chats. I feel confident in my office etiquette moving into next summer. Needless to say, my time at the Library of Congress definitely had a positive impact on me.


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