The 90’th Minute | #5

In the finals weeks of my internship, it really became clear the impact the experience had on me personally, as well as my career plans. I really enjoyed working for GT and traveling out to Minneapolis from Chicago to work on client sites. Living in Chicago for the summer was something I really enjoyed, but also found difficulties with. In the end though, this was something I would definitely be interested in doing again.

The conclusion of my internship was really a great way to tie it all together. My last few days on the job, I completed a deliverable for the client, which left me with something tangible to say “I completed, start to finish.” This was a great feeling, and even though I contributed throughout the project in many ways, this deliverable was a great way to cap it off. On my last night in Minneapolis, my team went over to a soccer match between Chelsea and AC Milan, another really cool experience, and something that really showed how close of a team we had.

As far as my career plans go, this summer was really an opportunity to see the world of consulting and financial management. While it wasn’t exactly a conventional experience, it was engaging and rewarding. I think living the life of a consultant and traveling frequently would certainly take a toll on you, but I could see myself really enjoying that path in my professional career.

I am incredibly fortunate to have had such a practical and fun experience with Grant Thornton this summer, and I look forward to taking on an extended role with the company next summer. Thank you so much LSA intern scholarship program for helping make my fantastic summer possible!!



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