New locations and new experiences (topic 9)

For my internship I spent 12 weeks living in Lansdale, a small, quiet suburb of Philadelphia. The town was largely based around Merck pharmaceutical, the company I interned at. It was a huge contrast from living in Ann Arbor, without a vibrant downtown. However, I was just an hour outside of Philadelphia, an very interesting and busy city itself. I found that I quite liked Lansdale, though I began to grow bored and restless by life in a smaller town after 12 weeks. But at the same time, the quiet suburban setting was a nice peaceful break from the hectic setting of school, for a short while. I also enjoyed the availability of a train as public transportation, something I’ve never had access to before. I used it to travel into Philadelphia frequently, and explore the city. Because the train ride was short and inexpensive, I could go into the city and explore on a whim, an aspect i enjoyed a lot. Looking back, I feel like Lansdale could be a nice place to settle down one day, if I ended up back at Merck, but aside from that I would prefer to live somewhere livelier in the long term.


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