My Internship Experience

It’s currently Monday August 29th, 2016 and I am back in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois. I had the most amazing summer being an intern in Los Angeles. My internship experience exceeded my expectations and I am extremely grateful for the amazing opportunity that the University of Michigan has granted me. This internship has opened my eyes to many different aspects and positions that the entertainment industry has to offer. I always had my eye on producing, but now I know that there are other jobs I would be capable of doing as well. My internship experience has given me more faith for the future after I graduate. I’m not expecting to get a producing job right away (obviously), and now I know of a few other positions that I would not mind having. During my internship this summer, I literally did EVERYTHING, from washing clothes to giving foot massages to designing jewelry. Crazy, right? Not to me and if given the opportunity I would immediately jump to do it all again. I’ve learned so much – about the entertainment industry and myself as a person. I’ve grown in so many different ways. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life. I’ve also learned that money is most definitely the root of all evil (special thanks to the people of Los Angeles). And those are just a few. This summer has been the best one yet and I can’t wait to head back to school.



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