My Favorite Experience

While I enjoyed the entirety of my internship, my favorite day, and also the one I found the most rewarding, was the day the interns presented oral presentations to the department I was working in. Because Merck is such a big company, The meeting was held across 4 different sites, linked via video conference. In addition to being able to learn about the research that other interns were doing in areas closely connected to my own, It was an opportunity to present my own work. I had worked hard all summer and was very pleased with my results, leaving me excited to present to my mentors and peers. But the day itself brought a surprise: As I prepared to present, selected to go first, I found that I was nervous for the first time in recent memory: retrospectively, I think it was the combination of it being a large group of unfamiliar faces, and also presence of my mentor and others that I looked up to. While I was very nervous while waiting to present, I was able to steady myself and give what I felt was a solid presentation, with good feedback from my mentors and peers.  Overall, the experience was a constructive and rewarding challenge.


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