Joining the Coyote Pack (#1)

I arrived at the Ann Arbor office of Coyote Logistics at precisely 7:45am on Monday, June 13th. I didn’t know what to expect when walking inside, as my interviews had been done over Skype while I was studying in Madrid the previous semester. I assumed it would be an office similar to that of the one in the show, The Office, only with more people and the quiet buzz of conversation. But, I was completely wrong.

First of all, the entire floor was completely open with not a single cubicle in sight. There were long rows of desks, with each desk having a computer and two huge monitors. Second of all, I heard three different songs playing somewhat loudly, on top of loud voices and laughter from every section. Being obsessed with music and listening to it as I do pretty much any task, you can imagine how happy this made me. Thirdly, on one side of the floor, there were Frisbees with two KanJam goals set up, while on the other side I saw a putting green, some soccer balls, and a ping pong table. I knew exactly what I would be doing during my lunch breaks.

It was so cool to walk into the office and immediately know that the work culture at Coyote was going to allow me to have a fun experience, while simultaneously learning from people around me with the transparency it possessed. I was excited to start training, especially after meeting two of the coolest women who were to be my trainers for the next two weeks. Coyote is generally a young company, so it’s nice to be around people that you feel understand you and have a similar sense of humor.

I was even more excited when I met my intern class, which was composed of two other U of M students, three Central Michigan students, a student from Michigan state, and lastly, a student from the University of Windsor (he had the best Canadian accent!). They were all very friendly, very smart, and very funny. It was a relief that the people with whom I’d spend the next eleven weeks were people I could see myself becoming close friends with.

To sum up, on the first day, I knew I was going to have an incredible summer working with the “Coyote Pack”.



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