Hard Work Pays Off (#2)

During training I was able to finally learn what I was going to be doing as an intern for the summer. I was told during my interview that this was a sales position, but one very different than that of other companies. It’s hard to explain exactly what my tasks included because a lot of them had to do with a database completely unique to Coyote, but I will try to summarize the best that I can.

Coyote is a third-party logistics provider that arranges the transportation of thousands of shipments per day via tens of thousands of transportation providers. Coyote’s customers pay Coyote to sell their freight to transportation companies (carriers), and Coyote, in turn, pays these carriers to move this freight. Most of the time, our company makes a profit due to negotiating on the price we’d sell the freight for (which was one of my most important jobs during the summer), and sometimes our company loses money when we’d have to pay carriers more than the customer paid us for many reasons, such as a long wait time at a facility or long runs over a holiday weekend. In the long run, losing money is worth the while because it allows us to maintain strong relationships with our customers, as we promise to move their freight with no excuses.

So, my job over the summer was to sell the freight to the carriers and negotiating them to make the highest possible profit for the company. Because I’m an intern, I was not able to make the profit but rather it goes to my mentor. Every intern is assigned a mentor that helps us navigate the database and answers any questions we have during the process. The first week, I made 12 sales in total. For an intern, that was pretty good. The second week, I made 23 sales in total. I don’t know what it was, but for some reason the database and my job overall clicked and I really just…got it. Maybe it was because I enjoyed the job so much and my manager played some great rap music. Whatever it was, my superiors seemed to be very happy with my fast growth, as I was invited to lunch with my manager, human resources team, trainer, and mentor the day after they counted my sales for the second week.

It meant a lot to me that I was rewarded for my hard work, because it just made me even hungrier to get better and better. It was this day that I realized I thrive in a competitive environment.


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