Final Reflections | Blog #5

Looking back at my internship, I’ve found the experience to be a very rewarding, affirmative experience for me. I’ve been committed to majoring in Screen Arts and Culture since I was a freshman, but recently I had some concerns about whether I would be able to find a job in the entertainment industry or even find enjoyment working in it.

Thankfully, my internship has helped alleviate many of my concerns. I genuinely enjoyed my job and found my work incredibly rewarding. Meanwhile, I found people were more than helpful in offering advice and guidance. It often surprised me that so many people were so willing to take time out of their day to answer my questions or ask about my interests. I’ve come to greatly respect the people I worked for and am glad to have made their acquaintance.

The insight I’ve gained from my internship has also shaped how I view filmmaking. Before, I only had what I learned in class about how films and television shows were made. But, during my time at Red Wagon, I’ve come to see these ideas in practice and how pre-production and deals actually work.

Overall, I felt like I’ve grown a lot during my summer in L.A. A job in the entertainment industry doesn’t feel so much like a far off dream, but a practical career path at this point. I still have a ways to go, but hopefully I’m on the right track.


A final look at the office



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