Final Reflection

All in all, I tremendously enjoyed my summer internship experience. Interning at Merck afforded me the opportunity to experience research in an industrial setting, explore a different facet of chemistry research, live in a new area, and network with mentors and professionals in areas of interest to me. Not only did I enjoy the social aspect of the internship outside of work, but I feel that the internship was very valuable in terms of career development, and made me a better scientist. My mentor and I got along very well, and under her I was able to learn an immense amount about another aspect of chemistry research, information that I feel that I can apply to my research and career moving forward. I also made connections and established professional relationships that I think I will have for a long time. All in all, I’m very glad I applied for this internship, and feel that it was a very positive experience that will shape my career goals moving forward.


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