Blog Post #5: Final Reflections and Senior Year

This summer ending means so much this time around. Since classes ended in April, I have visited five different countries on three continents. I just completed my second internship, and actually my first one in the US! I am entering senior year and graduating early, meaning so much is happening so fast. So I actually appreciate this final blog post making me slow down and reflect on at least one part of my summer.

Interning with a federal congressional campaign allowed me to learn about how politics work at the grassroots level rather than only on paper and at the national level as I normally learn about. I was able to experience this and much more during one of the most politically charged times I’ve ever witnessed. It was exhilarating to be part of something so exciting and energetic in a positive way.

I feel this internship has served me well insofar as how it has groomed and improved my soft skills going forward. I never went into this internship nor do I come out of it envisioning myself working so directly in politics in future. But it has made me much more well-rounded and confident going (so soon!) into the working world and starting a career.



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