Blog Post 5

Overall, I was very happy with my internship with TSA. I met a lot of really amazing people who I know I will have no trouble keeping in contact with as I complete my education at Michigan and start to look for jobs in the near future. I feel really fortunate that I was able to make such good connections with the team that I worked with; they told me to come back and visit anytime, which I will probably follow through on considering how much I enjoyed working with them. I really appreciated the time and effort my coworkers put into making sure I had a positive internship experience.

One thing that this internship helped me decide was what kind of work I could see myself involved in as I get older. I did a lot of clerical work throughout this internship, which was sometimes understandably frustrating. Although I enjoyed the topics that I worked on and the materials that I worked with, I think it gave me a better understanding of the type of work that I would like to pursue in the future. I definitely will try to find work that involves the least amount of time sitting and typing at a desk. While I did not mind it as much at this internship due to the nature of the work and the people that I worked with, I know people do not always get that lucky.


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