Blog Post #4

This summer I researched in the BSRB (Biomedical Science Research Building) here on campus. While I didn’t go to another country or even another state, I am really happy with my decision. From the minute I stepped on to campus as a freshman, I fell in love with Ann Arbor. From game day Saturdays to walking to class during the week, Ann Arbor has always been a beautiful place. One thing many people don’t get the chance to see, however, is this city in the summer.

Since there are so many students on campus during the year, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like without all of them here. During the summer I was able to experience just that. The peacefulness allowed me to be able to study outside and the warmth wasn’t bad either. Also, being able to attend the art festival was awesome. There are so many different people displaying amazing thinks, it took hours to walk around. All in all, this past summer gave me a deeper appreciation for Ann Arbor.


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