Blog 4 | Topic 9

Ann Arbor

While I have lived in Ann Arbor the past four years during my undergrad, this was the first time while commuting that I honestly started to miss living in the city. I live about an hour away from Ann Arbor, however, the traffic can be so unbearable that I often would stay all day in the city in order to miss it. After meetings with my partner or project manager, I would find a quiet place to study, usually Espresso Royale on State Street or the 3rd floor Asian library in the Graduate library and I would revise my lessons. During this individual work time, I wished I could just take the bus up to my apartment and just stay there instead of having to commute back home.

I’ve realized that over time I went from hating Ann Arbor as a freshman to loving this city and even recognizing it as home. When I finally completed my lease in August, I would sometimes just spend the night in Ann Arbor rather than commute home to sleep in my bed. I love being near so many people and being a part of such an amazing community of people.


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