Blog 2 | Topic 7 | A thought about my internship

When I think about my future, I can see myself in a variety of different situations after graduation. I could leave the country and practice my Spanish speaking skills. I could stay in the country, but leave Michigan to find a fresh start. I could stay in Michigan and go to graduate school for a few years. In all of the different scenarios I have one thing that remains constant; no matter where I go or what I choose to do in my life I want to continue teaching. I honestly don’t even care too much what I teach (even though I love Spanish, I could definitely see myself doing some ESL teaching). With these thoughts I realize that I’ve found my passion and I have steadily been working towards a career in education.

With this in mind, I realize that this internship with A2LP and the opportunity to create lesson plans as well as work with an experienced teacher as my program manager. I have enjoyed working with Claudia. She’s helped me learn more Spanish grammar, think deeply about lesson planning and overall I have enjoyed her understanding nature. Lastly, I am so thankful that I have had the chance to work all summer doing something I love to do.



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