Another Summer at Rebel Nell | #5


Another summer with Rebel Nell is officially in the books. While I am still continuing to work with this company, I wanted to take a moment to look back on the summer and evaluate how much I’ve built up my professional career skills and how this internship has impacted me as a person.

This summer was definitely a different experience than my first with Rebel Nell. Going abroad halfway through my internship made things a little more difficult, but it also challenged me to prioritize. I realized that in order to remain accountable for the work that I was trusted with, finding time and committing to it was half of the battle. Even though it was a little more difficult to work from so far away, it made my work much more meaningful and purposeful.

As I begin my senior year at Michigan, I can’t imagine how my time here would have gone without having this internship– or any internships at all, for that matter. I truly believe that the experiences I gained through my internships not only enriched the education that I was getting in the classroom, but it also gave me a drive and motivation to pursue a career in a field that I am passionate about. Not to mention all of the practical real-world connections and networking opportunities having an internship afforded me. There is such a real value to having internships while in college, and I would recommend it to any student in any field of study.


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