Alas the End has Come (Blog #5)

It seems like only yesterday I was driving to the Attorney General’s office, freaking out about parking, wondering if I would be scorned at for being late, and hating the fact that I wore a blazer on such a hot day, freaking out that my mascara would smudge as a result. It seems crazy how fast time has gone. I expected this to be a long drained out journey, but I am actually sad it has come to an end. I enjoyed my boss’s humor, his ability to make legal jargon understandable, and always ensuring the interns understood what was going on. I liked reading cases and files and understanding what problems are occurring in the area, and I enjoyed going to court and hearing the cases (making me more upset that I have not been called for jury duty yet). I will miss the lunch break card games, and the humor of my coworkers. This internship instilled in me the confidence I have in myself, and made me more certain of my future career path. The office building, a very large one, has so many different personalities and individuals who are so passionate about different aspects of the law. One of the lawyers was really interested in child protection laws, another was interested in immigration laws, another was interested in environmental laws, etc.- and all of this allowed me to see different areas of law, that I was not exposed to before. Although this summer was faster than I expected, the memories and experience I gained were strong. Although the arrival of fall semester entails the end of my internship- I am glad to know that I will be returning in the winter semester since my schedule will allow for it. I want to thank the LSA Internship Scholarship office for this wonderful opportunity I may have not experienced otherwise.





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