A Hawaiian Accident (#4)

Although my experience ay Coyote has overall been wonderful, there are always obstacles to come over. My obstacle, although not too serious, was a huge hurdle I had to get over at the time. It all started with a Hawaiian luau…

Every year Coyote interns are asked to organize a Hawaiian luau on the second to last Friday before the internship ends. It’s an all day event that includes games, prizes, decorations, catering, and even frozen margaritas! We receive a budget and hold the luau in order to raise money for St. Jude’s Children Hospital (participating in games cost $2 per game and frozen margaritas cost $5 each). It’s a great time for an even greater cause. It took over a month of planning, and we interns would hold a weekly hour-long meeting to talk about the details.

I am a huge foodie, so I decided to take charge of the catering. Although I never used it, I heard of a catering company called Tavolina that I assumed would be delicious based on great reviews and the fact that it has the same owner as two of Ann Arbor’s most popular restaurants: Sava’s and Aventura. As I spoke with the catering director to figure out the menu based on the Hawaiian theme, I was so excited to try all the food and knew it would be a hit. The problem was, the director had to change the menu a few times because it’s a little pricey and we had a budget of $11 per person. Nevertheless, the menu came out looking really good and I was still excited.

When the day finally came and it was time for lunch, I helped the catering company take the food out of the boxes and set up the food in our kitchen. To my shock, the food did not seem like it was enough to feed 100 people. Although the contract was set for 100 people, there was miscommunication between the director and me as the food, which we expected to be a full meal, ended up being the size of a small appetizer plate. I started panicking, knowing there wouldn’t be enough food, especially after the human resources team said the same thing.

This was mostly an obstacle because I had been raving about the food for the entire week and I had 100 hungry bellies waiting for a huge meal. I also felt like it was a huge mishap in the planning of a huge project, especially because everything else planned out by the other interns went so smoothly. Fortunately enough, the catering company was nice enough to bring us some more food with no extra cost and it was all figured out. I definitely learned a huge lesson about better communication with external parties…and that Hawaiian pulled pork is absolutely delicious.

P.S. I highly recommend Tavolina catering!


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