#4 What has most surprised you about your internship?

The most I surprised about my internship is about the continuous learning opportunities. I have learned  lot throughout the internship.

Firstly, there are lots of weekly free webinar that I could attend. These webinars teach me about excel, word, and how to communicate with coworkers. I enjoy these free opportunities and free food with my coworkers.

Secondly, as I continuously completed the monthly claim reports, I learned a lot about excel skills suck as pivot table, excel table, graphs, formatting, applying math. One time, I experienced a client asking about some extra work besides my assigned. I talked with my supervisor, and adjusted the formatting they want for next month and also carefully adjust several formular to make the data coherent.

Thirdly, I also continuously learned about how to work in a corporation and my company’s cultures. I hope I will continuously growing.


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