The Impact of Enjoyment/ 5

I worked 50-55 hours a week, commuted an hour each way for three days, and worked with a student org this summer. Instead of being hectic, unfruitful, and just difficult, this summer was life giving. There were numerous reasons, including friends, God, romance, fun, and just a relaxation you never find during a school year, but one reason I didn’t anticipate was I simply enjoyed my work.

This is a lesson that I’ll never forget. I worked three positions, two of which I really enjoyed and the other that was okay. One was a simple part-time waitressing position, but the other was a communication intern for Detroit Employment Solutions, which helps identify a person’s obstacles to employment and then assists in overcoming them.

I enjoyed going to work. It was as simple as that. The office was a place where I’d smile and wave at anyone I passed and they’d stop and as how I was doing. I’d chat with my boss and co-workers and know them, as well as working on fun assignments and really feeling like I made a difference. Working on projects that I knew were problems facing Detroit, gave me a feeling of true contentment. How often do you get to make a difference? Doesn’t it just feel amazing.

Making a difference and writing about those people who have made a difference in our centers is a job that is rewarding, enjoyable, and difficult enough to keep it from being boring.

So this is my advice to all you interns out there. Yes, get your foot in the door, go for the jobs you have to, but make sure you end up in a place where you love your work. If its something as simple as waitressing or as big as DESC, make sure that you’re not just climbing a ladder, but you’re having fun too. Life isn’t about the ladder.


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