Shaping My Future

My internship experience with IBM shaped my future for the better. Heading into the summer, I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was excited for an outside sales opportunity. Before IBM, I interviews and recruited with a lot of sales companies and most of them said the same thing: you have to suffer through digital sales before getting the opportunity to do outside sales. IBM has a different outlook and that was one big takeaway for me. I learned that experience matters, but so does hard work and willingness to learn. IBM believes in their new hires, and is willing to give them the opportunity to start in outside sales if they work hard enough. This is something that is different than most sales programs and is something that makes me want to return to IBM. I do not yet have a full time offer, but if offered one I would be very inclined to take it. This internship shaped my future by showing me how great of a company IBM is, the opportunities they have for new hires, and how to always push to be the best. After working at IBM I want the opportunity to work full time at such a great company and am willing to work hard to get there.


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