Resume-Ready | #5

For the first time in forever, I am excited to write my resume; and trust me, I never expected to hear those words come out of my mouth.  In years past, I’ve toiled hours and hours on crafting the perfect resume, but would always find myself caught in web of confusion.
“What kind of jobs am I applying for?”
“Do I have enough experience?”
“ What am I doing?!”
These questions would eat away at me, and my confidence suffered consequently.

But this year is different! The experiences I gained this summer have strengthened me as a soon-to-be graduate in more ways that one. I finally have clarity. No longer will I be wandering around the Career Fair applying for whichever jobs I come across. My internship has given me the direction to seek out the right opportunities and the skills to succeed in those positions.
For that, I am most grateful. With confidence in my heart and a new resume in my hand, I am ready to tackle the entry-level job market that awaits me. Wish me luck!


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