Blog Post #4

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a school board meeting as part of my internship experience. It was a very good learning experience. The room was filled with people eager to participate. I used to attend the school board meetings at my high school as part of my duties as Student Body President and can only remember one time when the meeting got pretty crazy due to the unionization of custodians. Other than that, not many people showed up to the meetings. For those of you who don’t know, the school board members are elected positions and here in San Diego County, the races can get pretty heated. The Republican Party of San Diego even puts out a list of unopposed Republican races, many which include school board positions. The meeting was 3 hours long and had many facets. Typically these meeting discuss old meeting minutes, discussion of what was happening within the school district, and public forums. However, with the upcoming election of school board members in November, ever item on the agenda was highly scrutinized. It is easy to forget the importance of smaller elections occurring this election due to the Presidential election but please remember to research down ticket races. Members of the school board have an effect on the way public education is run and has an effect on the type of education kids will receive and it affects what schools these kids will go to. I like working in state level government because I feel that it gets overshadowed quickly. It is nice to interact with people in government at all levels and share conversations about how to continually improve.


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