#5 Last Post!

For my last post I would like to recap on my experience reflect on the impact of the experience.

This summer I feel like I experienced and learned quite a lot through this internship. First of all, I was so grateful to be granted this experience since it’s quite hard to get an internship at Marathon if you don’t have kin that are already apart of the company.

I felt like working there was actually quite a cultural shock. Not just because of the experience of working in a professional setting but also because I identify as Latino/Hispanic and there weren’t many professionals that looked like me working there. I’m used to being around more POC but there were only a few at this job. So I felt like I was  put out my comfort zone and taught myself to communicate with people I usually don’t find myself approaching.

This internship also taught me some of the basics and logistics of refining. I learned about the many positions one can hold with the same degree even if it is in the same job field/company.

I think this internship was kind of like my playground in a way because I didn’t know what to expect at first but I feel like it has prepared me for, possibly, future internships. As far as how to interact with people, how to start a constructive conversation, and just overall how one should compose themselves in a professional setting.



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