#3 Describe your favorite experience as an intern?

My favorite experience as an intern was all the free food we got ! I feel like I never had to bring lunch because we always had amazing food at the office! Haha, I’m just kidding that was just the cherry on top. My most memorable and favorite experience was working with the community to help plant trees at the wild habitat and plant seeds in the garden beds. I love working with communities because I know there is a wrong stigma with Marathon. But actually I got to see how much Marathon has contributed to the community.

For some reason I always get stuck doing “environmental things” when I work at some jobs. I have grown to like it though, it’s kind of tranquil. Working at the Marathon Wild Habitat I got the chance to see all sorts of animals right in the City! All these animals were attracted just by the land of where previous homes use to be that the company bought out. It was quite incredible! Also, the community garden beds were flourishing with vegetables and fruit available for the community. It was amazing to see how beautiful these things were growing also right in the city! It was just an awesome experience to see “rural meets city” in a way. I’m not sure if I worded that correctly but this was my best experience interning at Marathon.


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