Final thoughts| #5

My three month long internship has come to a close and I can definitely say that I’ve had such a memorable experience. I really grew to love the organization and really appreciated everyone who worked there, especially my direct supervisors. I really think that the level of comfort I felt around my bosses really made my experience that much better. I realized that forging relationships in the workplace may be difficult, but they are really important in shaping the quality of one’s experience. I’m glad I met so many other interns, especially the ones that were on the same team as me. Overall, the people vibes were great.

I’m also really glad I got to see how a nonprofit dedicated to inner-city youth runs and continues to have a vision to grow. Not only did I get to see the more logistical, structural side to the inner-workings of this nonprofit, but I also got to interact directly with the youth. It was so much fun to be able to go into the classrooms and see teachers implementing the curriculum and it was awesome to see the kids enjoying themselves.

I think this internship really affirmed my passion to work with inner-city youth. I’m coming back to school this semester really excited about my education classes now too!


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