Post #5: Summer in Ann Arbor

When I accepted an internship in metro Detroit I was very excited about the chance to live in Ann Arbor for the summer. Many of my friends have had the opportunity to stay here during the summer time and have raved about the summer experience in A2. Overall, I couldn’t have had a better summer. It was phenomenal to have the ability to do things that are impossible to do during the school year because of the weather. Like hiking, floating down the Huron River, or even enjoying a meal outside on main street. It was great to enjoy the unique, delicious restaurants in the Ann Arbor area. I became very fond of Indian cuisine. I was also able to discover another fun activity, hiking. My girlfriend and I loved to hike in the Arb and other local parks. The practice came in handy for our trip to South Africa in mid-August where we were able to climb some of the many small mountains in the area. I wouldn’t trade in my summer in Ann Arbor for anything and as I enter my last semester at the University of Michigan, I will appreciate all the memories I have in this city.


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