Final Reflections/ #5

Year after year, I find myself returning to Camp Algonquian. Often, my friends and family question why I do this. What they don’t understand is the sense of accomplishment and worth I gain from working with the campers each summer. While many of my peers go the route of doing internships or traveling, camp provides me with something much more lasting than what is offered in these opportunities. At camp, I have the opportunity to genuinely impact the lives of children at a time when they most need guidance. The relationship between camper and counselor is a special bond, and it allows for me to guide campers into being responsible, caring, respectful, and honest individuals.

This summer at camp, I took on a responsibility far greater than anything I had tackled on camp in the past. As the director of the Leader In Training program, it was my job to guide children in the difficult and emotional transition of ending their time as campers at Algonquian. LITs are kids in their final year as campers at Algonquian, and they are either facing the responsibility of becoming staff members in the following year or ending their time at camp altogether. It was my job to arm them with leadership, communication and teamwork skills needed to either become staff or continue on into adult life. While this proved difficult at times, I found great joy in providing them this experience.





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