End of the Internship Post #5

I have learned so much this summer about myself. Living alone with two sub-letters in Ann Arbor this summer proved to be interesting at times but also gave me a lot of time for self reflection. This summer is the first time I have truly felt independent in that I wasn’t living with friends or family at all and had to do all my own grocery shopping and budgeting. I am looking forward to applying these new life skills to future internship/ career situations where I am traveling and have to rely solely on myself.

Working for Callaghan Promotions allowed me to realize a lot about what I am a passionate about and how I want to spend my time in the future. I learned that I like working with people and communicating and organizing information. Most importantly I learned that I do not want a career in marketing eco- friendly products but would rather focus on human health. This summer I decided that I would like to pursue a career in nutrition because I learned that I like working with people, and I want to better the community weather it be human health or the environment. I think that nutrition is a form of preventative medicine and can really be a game-changer in the whole health care system.



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