End? | Blog 5

Now that my internship has ended, I feel almost relieved. This summer has been a busy one for me and the pressure of all of the things I had on my plate was at times difficult to manage. Yet it has all made me better and more hardened for the future. I don’t have any regrets from this summer or the internship but there were times where I believe I could have done better. I won’t elaborate but they were, thankfully, minor and not worth mentioning.

Despite these moments I felt that I did as well as could be expected, if not better, juggling all of my obligations during these last 10-15 weeks. I would not say that I was perfect but I do believe that I am far better off for future ventures and work. It is my hope that I will continue conducting research with this lab for my remaining two years at UofM and that I will be able to publish again before graduating. It is my goal to attend a graduate program exceeding UofM in reknown and performance, therefore I have to take every opportunity to push and make myself stand out.

IAlthough this internship experience is not really over considering I will be returning to work there in fall semester, I feel as though it stands out as a distinct period because of the specific experiences it gave me and the impact it had on my perception of the field and my place within it. I do not yet know what I will do next summer, whether it be research with the same lab or with one at a different institution, but I do know that it will have big shoes to fill. This experience will be a hard act to follow.


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