We’ve Come to the End – #5

I’ve made it through! It’s been a long summer, and pretty tough keeping on track! However, it’s been an amazing experience because I’m so much farther on track towards my end goal – my honor’s thesis and a future career in research.

I am so grateful to the LSA Internship Network for giving me the opportunity to work on this research all summer. I have learned so much about what it takes to work on a long project.

It has been so important for me to stay on track and pace myself throughout this internship. With so many letters to read, it was so easy to let things fall by the wayside, especially when summer break fun was so enticing. However, I had to keep myself focused on the end goal, and the pride I would feel having finished my database and having a large chunk of my research project out of the way. (And I am so proud of myself!)

Perhaps the biggest impact of this internship is the opportunity to explore the reality of my passion for research. If I decide to explore a career in research, most of my time will be self-directed. If I am a historian, most of my time will be spent with primary sources filled with unfamiliar vocabulary and strange spelling. But I feel much more confident in my ability to learn and adapt to medieval sources because of my work with letters written in Middle English during this internship.

This internship has given me a lot to think about regarding my passions, my patience, my work-ethic, and personal goals. I am so excited that this opportunity led me to realize that I would enjoy a career in research, and given me more direction in my life!


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