Viable Career Paths || Blog 4

As someone who always had his sights on a biochemistry major, I always assumed that I would never be interested or swayed into other different career paths.  In that way, I always assumed that, despite attempting different research paths and goals, I wouldn’t be as interested in my psychology internship this summer as I would if I attained a chemistry or biochemistry related internship.

This summer though, I’ve been loving my internship far more than I’ve been expecting.  I’m not sure whether it is because of the subject matter or because of the great work environment of my PI, but it has been very exciting to discover a brand new field of which I have interest in.

The question I suppose at this point would be whether I would like to continue on with a biochemistry career or begin to switch into a psychology career.  Perhaps that would be something I would consider during the school year after looking through another internship?


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