Session 5 & 6/ #4

Over the past six weeks, the LIT program has been going on and I have been busy and fully devoted to running the program. Since the LIT program is only during two week sessions, for the last two weeks of camp, I have been a regular senior counselor, meaning I’ve been placed in regular activity hours and in a cabin with younger kids. During fifth session, I had 10 year old girls, and during sixth session I had 7 and 8 year olds. I had a lot of fun working with the younger campers after being with 15 year olds all summer. It was a very different experience because I just had the seven campers in my cabin to devote all of my attention to instead of 40 or so LITs. This allowed for me to do a lot more with them and get to know them better.

One of the major differences between younger and older campers is the amount of supervision that should be devoted to the younger kids. Most of the LITs have been coming to camp for years and years and are familiar with the way that everything works. With the younger campers however, you have to “teach camp” to them and make sure that they’re taking care of themselves. This aspect of having younger campers allows for a lot more involvement in what they’re doing all the time because they are so much more dependent on you. While this can be challenging with problems such as homesickness and bedwetting, it’s also rewarding to feel needed by your campers and know that you’re doing a lot for them.



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