Session 3 Service Project/ #3

One of the major highlights of my job so far was the service project we did for session three. Traditionally, the LIT service projects have included projects like making new signs for campsites around camp, painting canoes or paddle boards, or small building projects like a woodshed or new campsites. Over the past few summers the number of campers in the LIT program has grown and it has made these types service projects less engaging because there’s not something for all of them to do at once. I wanted to move away from this type of project and do something more memorable and meaningful.

Instead of doing a traditional service project this session, we had the campers volunteer at the Indian River summer fest. This service project served camp in a more abstract way than the service projects in the past have. It is important to have a good relationship with the surrounding community. Our goal in volunteering at this festival was to show the community some of the work we do with the campers and establish a positive relationship with them.

We took them to downtown Indian River  in two groups over two different days. The campers helped run games for kids such as limbo, ring toss, hula hoops, and a bounce house and slide. They had a blast interacting with the children at the festival and being in a fun environment while providing a service to the community. I definitely think it would be beneficial to continue to bring LITs there to volunteer in future summers.


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