Session 2 trip/ #2

This session, we decided to take the LIT trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Sleeping Bear is about two and a half hours from AlGonQuain. In order to get all 30 campers there we had to leave earlier than is normally done and rent a car from a nearby rental place in Petoskey. While planning for this trip there was a lot to do and organize, especially because this was our first trip of the summer. We had to pack food for dinner the night of the trip as well as breakfast. Additionally we had to put gas in all the cars and bring tents and other camping equipment. Another complicated element of the trip was that we had to copy every campers health forms and put together all of the medications they needed while on the trip. This was a lot to get together the day of the trip. In the future we will start planning earlier.

Once we arrived at Sleeping Bear, we had the campers set up tents and discussed what we should do. From our campsite, the beach is about an hour long hike through the dunes. It was already close to 5pm when we arrived so we had to decide if we wanted to make the hike or drive to a nearby beach to go swimming. In the end, we decided to do the hike even though it was going to make us have dinner later. If we had gone to the other beach we wouldn’t really have spent any time in the dunes, which was the whole point of taking the trip. In the end, I was really glad we chose to do the hike even though it was tiring and the we were all hungry by the end.

Hiking the dunes with the whole LIT group was an unique experience that really brought the group together. Like many of the other activities we do with the campers, hiking the steep dunes was a challenge that all had to accomplish together as a group.


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