Potential Cooperation | Blog 4

Written on August 10th:

Last week one of my coworkers approached me with a very interesting opportunity that caused me to realize exactly how important these international experiences are in a global world. He proposed a potential collaboration with him at the Climate Protection and Energy Institute in Germany and the University of Michigan. I feel anything along these lines is very interesting and productive so naturally I agreed to meet with him to discuss it further in depth and work on his behalf as a Michigan student. Over ice cream, he told me more of what he had in mind and that he was looking to work with a master student to further research on the subject of energy performance contracting in Europe. Cooperations between him and a professor and master students at the University of Illinois already exist and he was hoping to be able to do something similar with the University of Michigan.

This is a very exciting prospect and I will be working to contact the necessary individuals here at the UM Energy Institute in an attempt to foster a relationship between both organizations. Although the work is still focused on energy contracting in Europe, it is unquestionably valuable for graduate students here in the United States to learn from the processes that are finding success and expanding in helping Europe to reshape their energy systems.


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