Final Thoughts | Blog 5

As my internship at Jackson National Life comes to a close this week, I find myself balancing time between reflection and steadfast future planning. I’ve recapped many of the positive experiences I’ve encountered within my former blogs- I have had a terrific internship and have learned so much yet again. However, as I enter my senior year, I feel more pressure to plan for my future than ever before. Over the next couple months I will continue to work at Jackson part-time as an assumptions modelling assistant while going to school. I am very excited about the opportunity to stick around and learn more as an actuary even after the internship is finished. Moreover, Jackson will be interviewing for full-time actuarial positions in September! I’m 100% interested in Jackson as a company and I have really enjoyed the time I’ve spent here, but I would be naive not to apply elsewhere. There are hundreds of companies all over the country that are looking to hire entry-level actuaries and I have already begun the career search. In fact, I have a phone interview this coming week with a company in Arizona! I am convinced that with hard work I will find success wherever my career search leads me. But until then, I’ll continue to learn from others, do great work, and seek to improve myself every single day.


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