Final Thoughts | #5

As the summer came to a close, so did my time in Florida. In reflection of my experience I am happy to note a positive one for my second summer as an intern at Harris Corporation. I am able to say that I had completed and succeeded at many more tasks than the summer before and I felt a larger sense of accomplishment. I am sure that comes with having multiple internships and gaining experience in general but it allowed me to appreciate what more time in my field and on the job can really do.


To end my internship at work I voluntarily prepared a short presentation to give to my team. In retrospect I am not really sure what I was thinking volunteering to do that, but nonetheless it is good experience to practice. My presentation highlighted a little bit about me and my background/interests, the tasks that I worked on throughout the summer, what I learned and will take away from those tasks and some of the challenges and successes that I had over the summer. Not only was the presentation good practice, but it gave me a chance to look deeper at the tasks I was given and what I can take away from my summer of software engineering.


With only one semester left of school, it is becoming crunch time for full time job search. I am fairly confident that I will receive an offer from this company and I am looking forward to all the other opportunities that I will search for as well. I couldn’t leave without getting some feedback about my performance this summer, and was happy to hear some helpful tips from my manager. What stuck out to me the most was his encouragement for me to have more confidence. I hope to improve on that along with many other skills that I have learned in the workplace. Thank you for a great experience Harris!



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