Final Thoughts| #5

Now that my time at Total Quality Logistics has come to an end I have had time to reflect on my experience and how I felt about it. Looking back I can honestly say I already miss the environment and the rush I felt when I was negotiating prices with carriers. I went into this internship not knowing whether or not I was going to like sales or the transportation industry and I came out missing the experience and the people I met there. I think for me this experience has opened my eyes to sales and it has made me really consider this company for a full time positon. I am extremely fortunate to already have an offer from Total Quality Logistics for next year and within the next few months I will need to be deciding if this job is something I can see myself doing for at least the next few years. It’s a hard decision and one that I know needs to require a lot of thought on my part but at the same time I think whatever decision I make needs to feel right for me. When I was deciding what university to attend 4 years ago I went with Michigan because I was scared of it; knowing full well that I feared Michigan because it was so outside of my comfort zone in terms of size and location. I think I kind of want the same thing for myself in a job. I want to pick the company that pushes me outside of my comfort zone and I want to try and tackle it head on. I think that’s what Total Quality Logistics did for me this summer; I was absolutely pushed outside my comfort zone in terms of doing sales pitches and constantly being forced to deal with problems that were maybe outside the skill level of an intern but being forced to do these things really pushed me to do well at them and it allowed me to grow more confident in those areas. That’s what I want in a company. I want to be pushed. I want to be pushed to the brink to see just what I can do and I think for me the job and the company that can allow me to do that is the one I’m going to end up choosing because that’s what I need.

I am so grateful for this summer and for the opportunity that TQL gave me because the people that I met and the skills that I learned will only make me better in the future. I think that everything I do in life needs to be a stepping stone so I can go on to bigger and better things and regardless of whether or not I end up accepting the full time position I can honestly say that Total Quality Logistics was a great place to intern and it was a really good experience for me. The friends that I made and the experiences I had will stay with me forever.


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