Conclusion | P5

On August 11th, I hopped on a plane at Kansas City Int’l and headed off to Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

The next day, I suited up and loaded up my final presentation in front of a panel of high-level managers, the presentation that I had spent about 60 hours creating, practicing not included.

I had practiced to the point that there was no variation in the dialogue I delivered run to run.

I had 10 minutes – and I used every single one of them.

Back on the plane, and back to Jefferson City.

Packed up the car, and made the 13-hour drive back to the Mitten State.  I hadn’t seen my family in 5 months.

Just yesterday, I received a call from my manager.  It was good to hear his voice, and better to hear the words he delivered.  I had been selected to interview for Unilever’s full-time rotational program.

While I expected to feel excitement, I felt serene calmness.  It been a goal set since freshman year to make it this far, and I’d been given a chance to go all the way.

I closed my internship with the deepest breath I’d taken in years.



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