An Ode to D.C.

Having lived in D.C. for 10 weeks this summer, I can honestly say I have never felt more at home any place else, even Ann Arbor. D.C. has this amazingly unique feel of a big city in a small town. At only 68.34 sq mi (as compared to NYC’s 468.9), D.C. is quite petite! Yet, there is a never-ending list of opportunities, events, and celebrations going on, with many literally right around the corner from wherever you may be. In my limited time in D.C., I attended over 50 meetings, visited over 10 museums, posed in front of 7 memorials, earned one free kayaking trip, ate at countless delicious restaurants and bars and experienced a truly once-in-a-lifetime summer.

As someone interested in eventually going to law school, D.C. was a particularly attractive area this summer as it’s currently fighting through a fairly vicious pre-presidential election cycle. If never ending snark and constant not-so-hushed debate isn’t your thing, D.C. might not be the place for you. For me though, my morning and afternoon metro rides and not-so-subtle eavesdropping were often the highlights of my day.

These metro ride info sessions lead me to the ultimate prize that is D.C. – its people. When asked about my favorite thing D.C. had to offer this summer, I continuously said its people. D.C. is far and beyond any other city I have ever lived in in terms of its citizens. Every single person I met in D.C. – from the visiting Scottish Parliamentarians down to my fellow lowly interns – was engaging, smart, and incredibly well-educated on at least one issue I had previously had no knowledge or experience in. If networking is the key to success, then D.C. holds the master key.

Having now been away from D.C. for almost a month, I can now fully express how much I miss it. From the conveniently located (yet regretfully pricey) Whole Foods, to the not so close but ever so amazing Smithsonian’s; from (usually bottomless) mimosas at literally any D.C. restaurant on Sunday mornings, to light night memorial walks, there is not one memory from my summer in D.C. that I don’t cherish or miss. I can only hope to one day return to these old haunts and to hopefully make some new ones.




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