500 Kids 300 Spots| #7

In the industry of Marketing and Consulting the smallest mistakes could turn into huge problems. I witnessed this first hand a couple times in the past few weeks but let me start with a story. A couple of us are sitting at lunch talking about stressful mistakes and situations in the workplace. One person was talking about an email chain she sent out to hundreds of people with all the wrong information. Another guy talks about when he was shipping a package to a client and accidentally ships the whole ring of keys to the office in that package. When it comes my turn to tell an embarrassing story from the workplace I couldn’t think of one and I began to wonder why I hadn’t made any mistakes. Mistakes are normal, everyone makes them but up to that point I couldn’t think of any mistakes I made during my internship that were worth talking about other than leaving my ID at home which was barely a blunder. Since I know everyone makes mistakes I didn’t think I would just glide through my internship without making one mistake but with one week left it’s looking like this just might happen.


Feeling left out of embarrassing story time should be a positive thing but even the smallest mistakes could cause huge issues. For Example, this week a client was having a youth camp that was open to the public. There were 300 spots available but my boss went on vacation and didn’t monitor the registration and over 500 kids signed up so unfortunately many of those kids could not attend the camp. Usually I would monitor the registration but this was so important to the company that my boss felt the need to monitor it. Once she made this mistake I felt as if it was my fault in some way, that maybe I could’ve monitored the signs up anyway but I was just following orders. This showed me that literally everyone makes mistakes and if I think I’m gonna be mistake free this last week I’m probably mistaken. Although that was a big mess up on behalf of this company and may cost the company the client in the future I learned everyone makes mistakes. From the CEO to the interns no one becomes too successful for mistakes.



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