Post #4: Reflecting on my Summer Internship

I have been done with my internship for a few weeks now and I have spent quite some time reflecting on the lessons I have learned. Overall, I think I have found out that I want to work in the automotive industry. My family has deep ties in this business. If I receive a full-time offer in the automotive sector, then I will be the third generation of my family to start their career in the this field. Continuing this legacy is very important to me. I also learned that people are the most essential commodity to conducting business. You can get caught up in the numbers and hitting your targets all you want; however, you must always remember the team around you that is helping to make that goal a reality.

My summer project was mostly completed using Microsoft Excel. Sadly, I had forgotten most of my formal Excel education from high school so everything was new to me. When I found out I was tasked with creating a macro for my project I became even more nervous. My coding experience consisted of what I had learned from watching Silicon Valley and The Social Network. However, over the course of three months I was able to teach myself how to use VBA code language in Excel and I completed my project on time. It was amazing to see the power of an Excel macro and how they can be used for many tasks. I also felt a sense of accomplishment through teaching myself how to use VBA over the course of a few months.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at my internship and I have developed skills that will benefit my professional career.


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