Leaving the Nest | #5

Being a business analytics intern for Northern Trust this summer has been my favorite job to date. The work was engaging, the company was motivating, and the people were embracing.

One of my takeaways from this internship is that I now know that I want to pursue analytics as a career. As an economics and statistics major, I was always interested in analyzing data but never really had a chance to try out relevant skills outside of the classroom. Thanks to this internship, I was able to hone my skills in data wrangling and analysis using R, Excel, and Tableau over a period of 10 weeks. One of the biggest lessons from it was understanding the sheer amount of information, tools, and skills that you can learn to become an analytics expert. Even if one person was to spend their entire life learning new data techniques, there would still be an infinite amount left to learn. This is why I want to pursue a career in data science – I would have the opportunity for constant growth and will be able to learn new things every single day.

Aside from the work, the culture at Northern Trust played a huge role in providing me with a positive internship experience. Despite being a financial services company, Northern Trust doesn’t have a cutthroat culture that its competitors, such as JP Morgan Chase, are famous for. Instead, it wins numerous awards each year in categories such as Most Ethical Company, Best Companies for Women to Work, and Best Companies for Families. Every person on my team had children that were in elementary school or younger and by 4 or 4:30, they were all happily headed home to their families. Everyone, including interns, was encouraged to take long lunch breaks. Some partners even took a 1.5-2 hour break in the middle of their day to go to the gym. All of this contributed to happy, healthy, productive employees, who helped to create a positive environment where people genuinely seemed to like their jobs. I’ve learned the importance of such a motivating environment this summer, and as I search for post-graduate opportunities, I will be sure to keep this factor in mind as I consider my options.

Overall, I consider myself lucky to have been part of such an overwhelmingly positive experience, and I am so thankful for Northern Trust for investing in my education. As a rising senior, this was my last internship, and now I feel that I am ready to leave the nest and fly on my own.


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